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Protecting Employers In Litigation Issues

Employees can make claims against employers in a variety of different ways. Lawsuits may be filed that threaten the very existence of your company. The lawyers of Wessels Sherman have the experience and dedication to successfully defend businesses against all employee claims.

Our firm prides itself on representing only employers and insurers. We are committed to assisting you in preserving the future success of your business. You have a right and duty to protect your business, your employees, and the reputation of your business. Let our attorneys help you defend your business against employee litigation by:

  • Defending ADA claims and FMLA claims – Our law firm defended the first ADA case in the country involving the EEOC and some of the earliest FMLA lawsuits; these continue to be substantial areas of our litigation practice;
  • Defending companies against a vast array of employment related claims in state and federal courts across the country;
  • Defending employers against government claims brought by the EEOC, NLRB, OSHA, DOL and numerous state agencies;
  • Representing employers with respect to the litigation of non-compete agreements, trade secret claims and unfair competition matters;
  • Defending employment based class action and multiple claimant lawsuits;
  • Handling work at all levels, including at the U.S. Courts of Appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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