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We are in a litigious age. With mountains of administrative regulations and scores of disgruntled employees, employers of all sizes in all industries face the constant threat of liability and compliance issues. The vast majority of businesses are ill-equipped to handle this level of legal complexity and risk on their own. It is vital for employers to work with a team of experienced attorneys to protect their long-term financial interests.

At Wessels Sherman our attorneys are skilled at assisting employers reach the best possible outcome when addressing all of their employment law issues, including the following:

  • Employee handbooks and policy development: One of the best ways for an employer to protect itself is to have a sound employee handbook that addresses compliance concerns and contains policies and procedures that will assist in the event of litigation.
  • Discipline and discharge: Not surprisingly, discipline and discharge are the two areas that generally result in the most litigation – which is why it is imperative that they be handled in a way that minimizes your risk, and our attorneys can help you do that.
  • FMLA compliance: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is one of the most frustrating and complex areas of employment law. Whether dealing with requests for intermittent leave, interpreting medical certifications, or facing accusations of unlawful interference, having expert counsel available is critical.
  • Other matters: Complaints of harassment, social media abuse, non-compete agreements, requests for accommodation … The list is endless, but our attorneys are prepared to help you with them all.

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