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For a flat $75.00 per month fee, you can call our attorneys as often as as you wish for answers to your labor and employment law questions.

There is no fee to join. There is no fee to quit. THERE IS NO CONTRACT OR COMMITMENT OF ANY KIND.

Under this phone program, you can ask about any human resource questions that pop up. You may wonder why we are advocating such an obvious “loss leader” for Wessels Sherman. The answer is that we get to know you, and likewise, you are getting to know us better. We consider it a vital “bonding” program (which enables us to develop close relationships with many companies).

OUR CLIENTS LOVE THIS PROGRAM! They all use it and find it most valuable.

It is very important for a company to be able to contact its labor and employment lawyers without worrying about being billed for every little phone call. It encourages you to discuss the many thorny human resources issues without evaluating whether you want to “pay for the call.”

We encourage you to take advantage of this program. There are no questions too small to run past us if, for no other reason, just to get a second opinion or to confirm that you are headed in the right direction with a potential legal issue. Sometimes, it’s just good to rule out any unseen legal concerns before taking an employment action. The great thing about our phone program is that you won’t have to worry about incurring legal fees to run something past us.

Our attorneys really enjoy receiving calls from our phone clients. Our Founder and Senior Shareholder, Dick Wessels, has written a memo about his many experiences in receiving phone client calls over the years. Reading his memo will give you a good sense of the phone program.

The program is not intended to cover matters requiring document review or preparation, discussions with opposing counsel, representation in a pending claim, or issues requiring more extensive counsel, legal research, in-depth strategy development, etc.

Nearly 500 participating clients agree:
$75 Flat-Rate Telephone Consultation is a great idea!

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