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Protect Yourself With An Employee Handbook

One of the best ways for an employer to protect itself is to have a sound employee handbook that addresses compliance concerns and contains policies and procedures that will assist in the event of litigation. Our attorneys provide valuable counsel and expertise, assisting clients in developing handbooks and policies, and/or reviewing and revising existing ones, so that important areas such as the following are addressed:

  • Employment-at-will/contract disclaimer – It is imperative that any handbook confirm the at-will nature of the employment relationship and not create any form of contract between the employer and employee, which is often easier said than done and often the source of claims for breach of contract.
  • Compliance – A number of laws (e.g., FMLA, drug testing, sexual harassment, etc.) require handbooks to contain specific policies and procedures.
  • Compensation and benefits – Wages, hours of work, vacation benefits, PTO, health insurance – these are areas that are often the subject of litigation, and it is critical that handbooks address them in a manner to reduce or eliminate your risk.
  • Employee relations – Employee handbooks need to address a wide variety of subjects concerning employee relations, including work rules and discipline, attendance policies, workplace violence, social media, electronic communications, confidentiality, solicitation and a host of other considerations.

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