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Client Question: We have a union contract and typically negotiations are quite informal. Our Business Agent has told us that one of the contract provisions we want to change is standard language and can’t be modified. What do you think about this?

Answer by Dick Wessels: This is absolute nonsense! THE BA IS TRYING TO HOODWINK YOU. Literally everything is negotiable, and you have every right to discuss, make proposals, and bargain over all provisions of a collective bargaining agreement. There is a practical issue here, and we see this commonly in the construction industry. There, area-wide contracts tend to be the norm. There will be monumental resistance to changes in language. However, our experience is that in today’s world, unions are more willing to negotiate riders or special deals such as “project only” agreements. Keep in mind that you simply shouldn’t believe the union agent who says he can’t change existing language. He can, he just doesn’t want to!

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