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Minnesota, through Governor Dayton, is one of approximately 18 states that are looking to create a Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or also known as “ObamaCare”). Currently under the ACA, states wishing to create their own state-run HIX must do so by March 31, 2013, a date that is fast approaching. Proposed legislation to this end is now pending in the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives. (Sen. Fl. 1 and Hs. Fl.5)

In its present form, this legislation would create an exchange/HIX run by a seven-member board to screen and provide health insurance options to over 1 million Minnesotans. This legislation would also limit the participating insurance providers to those approved and chosen by the board. There will be much heated debate over this legislation as it moves from committee hearings to the full legislature in the coming days. Employers and employer groups are encouraged to get involved since much is at stake for Minnesota employers and taxpayers alike.

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