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January 2014

By: Richard H. Wessels, Esq.

Client Question: Can I run two separate operations— one union and the other non-union?

Dick Wessels’ Answer: Normally, having a union branch of a company and a non-union branch comes up as a strategy for a construction industry employer. It is commonly referred to as “double-breasting.” Although construction industry unions don’t like it, the strategy is totally legal.

The problem comes when there is a challenge. Legal challenges generally fall into the category of “alter-ego”…. “Same book with a different cover.” A common challenge will come from a union benefits trust fund which will claim that contributions should have been paid for employees of the non-union branch.

Establishing a bullet-proof non-union branch requires good planning. Typical valuable factors are:

  • Geographic separation
  • Separate management
  • No interchange of employees (this is perhaps the most important)
  • No interchange of equipment
  • Different business names
  • Separation evidenced by advertising, business cards, employee policies, signage, business systems, etc.

We presented a construction industry labor law seminar to clients last year which included a large three-ring binder filled with useful information. One of the sections was on “double-breasting,” and I will be glad to provide that material for FREE to anyone interested. You can email me at

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