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January 2010

Companies do not need to be told that the economics of running a business in 2010 will be more challenging than running a business has been in recent years. In fact, companies are in greater need than ever for sound legal guidance on issues of firing workers, renegotiating benefits, negotiating severance agreements, and tip-toeing through the myriad of state and federal anti-discrimination laws, all of which must be well-understood by companies looking to cut costs.

The question is:

How can your company cut legal costs during a time period when sound legal advice is more important than ever?

The answer is:

The Phone Program!

What is the Phone Program?

The Phone Program is a membership-based program that allows its members to call any one of our law firm’s attorneys an unlimited number of times to discuss legal matters. Members will be billed no legal fees for these phone calls and calls are not limited in duration. At its core the program allows members to seek legal guidance over the phone from any one of our attorneys, without the member running the risk of receiving an unexpected and costly legal bill for the service.

How much does it cost?

New members can try the program free for the current month in which they enroll, plus the following month. Thereafter, the cost is $50 per month. There are no contracts and nothing to sign. Members can drop off the program at any time without penalty or cost. Aside from the $50 per month fee, there are no additional costs whatsoever. Of course, if you quit right after your initial free period, you owe nothing.

What does it cover?

The Phone Program includes legal advice over the phone in the areas of the law on which we regularly advise companies – the spectrum of employment, union, immigration, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation-related matters. Wessels Sherman focuses its practice on representing companies on all matters dealing with their employees. Anything within our practice area is covered by the Phone Program.

What’s the catch?

No catch. No contract. No obligation of any kind. It truly is $50 a month for unlimited use.

Basically, the Phone Program is one of the many legal services that Wessels Sherman offers to companies to provide quality legal guidance on sometimes simple, but often times complicated, legal issues that companies confront every day.

How do you become a member?

Just call Nancy E. Joerg at (630) 377-1554 or email her at Tell her that you read this article and that you would like to try the Phone Program. Remember, you get the current month and the following month for free, so why not try it — you have nothing to lose.

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