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August 2014

By: Richard H. Wessels, Esq.

Client Question: We are a unionized plastics company. Do I have to consult the union before I buy some new machines for our unionized workers in the plant? What do I have to do, if anything?

Answer by Dick Wessels: What you should do is talk with me! There can be lots of twists, turns and uncertainties here. A review of your labor contract is critical. Most important would be the management rights clause, and I presume that you have one in your agreement. The strong likelihood is that buying new machines is strictly a management decision and one that can be made unilaterally. There could be issues that need to be discussed with the union, particularly if the new machines will impact job duties in a significant manner or rates of pay (piece work or hourly). Again, a review of the collective bargaining agreement will give us insight into issues that might be out there, and we can then plan accordingly.

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