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Life After COVID: A Playbook For Surviving New Legal Challenges (Webinar)

When: Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 1-2 pm
Cost: $100 per attendee
Presented by Attorneys James B. Sherman & Christopher H. Jison
The ongoing rollout of promising vaccines, is providing hope of emerging from the nightmare that was 2020. But businesses (those that survived) face a host of new threats in 2021, including the very vaccines aimed at ending the pandemic. While many employees demand vaccinations out of concern for their safety, others oppose them for the very same reasons. Safety concerns are also causing employees to refuse to work, or insist on working remotely (a position recently taken by the Chicago teachers union, for example). Amid all the chaos, employers can expect to continue to see wave upon wave of new government regulatory mandates.  
Join attorneys James Sherman and Christopher Jison for a hard-hitting, fast paced, one hour webinar covering the most current pandemic-related issues employers must overcome to survive in 2021 and beyond. Topics and solutions, include:
  • Vaccinations in the workplace – mandated/refused. 
  • Remote work – temporary/permanent.
  • Leaves of Absence/refusal to work/accommodations. 
  • Workforce expansion/contraction in uncertain times – layoff/recall/required notices/best practices. 
  • Latest updates on government issued safety and other COVID pandemic regulations and guidelines. 
Attendees will participate in developing a playbook for emerging from the pandemic, by interacting with our presenters toward developing solutions to these challenges.
Questions? Contact Sara Hubing at (952) 746-1700 or by email

How Illinois Employers Can Use Severance & Release Agreements When Firing Employees: Do’s and Don’ts (Teleseminar)

When: Thursday, April 29, 2021, 2-3 pm

Presented by Attorneys Nancy Joerg & Tony Caruso

Probably the most fear-filled question that clients ask our law firm is: “How can I fire a high-risk employee without endangering our company?!” This is the teleseminar which will answer that question with “easy to grasp” advice. We will discuss how offering severance to an employee in exchange for the employee signing a release of claims is an effective way to help avoid potential litigation. Practical tips will be provided-– no LEGALESE allowed!

We will cover:

  • How severance agreements can help protect your company.
  • What must be in severance agreements under the NEW ILLINOIS LAW and how to present and negotiate the terms?
  • What are the legal requirements for severance agreements for employees overthe age of 40?

Questions? Contact Tammy Nelson at (630) 377-1554 or by email


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