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Legislative Update: Some Non-Compete Agreements Unenforceable Under New Illinois Law

By Anthony J. Caruso Jr. / November 14, 2016

New Law Affects Non-Compete Agreements for Employees earning less than $13 per hour Today, many employers use non-compete agreements to protect their company’s business. As such, the issue is always whether or not a non-compete agreement is enforceable for the Company. Now, in Illinois, there is a clear directive as to certain employees that the…

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Legislative Update: Illinois Adopts Employee Sick Leave Act

By Anthony J. Caruso Jr. / October 17, 2016

Today, many employees face the dilemma of how to take time off from work to care for an ill family member and still be paid. Before this law, employees had to say they were sick (when they were not) in order to be off work to care for their family and still be paid. Or,…

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Get Ready! Some Chicago Employers Must Soon Predict Work Schedules Under City of Chicago Ordinance!

By Anthony J. Caruso Jr. / November 15, 2003

A City of Chicago Municipal Ordinance (law) titled the Chicago Fair Workweek Ordinance becomes effective July 1, 2020. Employers covered under the new law: Employers in the building services, healthcare, hotel. manufacturing, restaurant, and warehouse services are covered, IF: Operating in the City of Chicago in one of the covered industries; AND Employ at least…

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