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Governor Rauner Vetoes Expansion of Some State Anti-Discrimination Laws Which Would Have Included Small Illinois Employers (Less Than 15 Employees)

Good news for Illinois employers!

On August 13, 2018, Illinois Governor Rauner vetoed House Bill 4572. This proposed “anti-business” legislation would have expanded the definition of employers covered under the Illinois Human Rights Act with regard to employment discrimination of certain types (i.e., race, national origin, religion) from employers with 15 employees or more to one employee or more. “Pro-business” forces want to keep it this way. So does Governor Rauner.

Currently, discrimination based on disability, pregnancy, or sexual harassment only requires the employer to employ one or more employees to be covered under the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Governor Rauner stated that the basis for his veto was to prevent a burden that such discrimination claims would have on small businesses.

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