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Alert to Illinois Employers: Understanding the New IDES Unemployment Insurance Climate in the Coronavirus Era!

Yesterday, Congressional leaders passed a historic federal stimulus package in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The bill now travels to The House of Representatives for approval before being signed by President Trump. ​ ​ The legislation includes a new pandemic unemployment assistance program, which would provide unemployment insurance benefits to those who are unemployed, partially unemployed or unable to work because of the virus and don’t qualify for traditional benefits. This includes independent contractors, the self-employed, and gig workers, who typically aren’t eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

Earlier this month, the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) adopted emergency rules to try to make the unemployment insurance system as responsive as possible to the COVID-19 situation. To see the full list of questions and answers, please click this link:​

​The rules of the IDES game have changed! What applied last month does not apply now.

This is a time in history when the laws and regulations are changing rapidly. If Illinois employers have any questions as these dramatic legal changes unfold and impact you and your business, please contact Nancy Joerg in our St. Charles , Illinois office at (630) 377-1554 or by email at

(Note: our law firm only advises Employers and Human Resource and Management. We do not advise Employees.)

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