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By James B. Sherman / November 17, 2016

Each year, Wessels Sherman hosts a full-day seminar where attorneys from our offices in Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Milwaukee, WI; and Davenport, IA, come together in one of our locations, to present on many of the most important workplace issues faced by employers around the country. In 2017, the location will be here, in Minneapolis.…

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Penn State Sandusky Saga Continues to Provide Painful Lessons for Employers on What Not to Do In Response to Workplace Scandals Such as Employees Engaging in Sexual Misconduct, Harassment, etc.

By James B. Sherman / November 17, 2016

Already, Penn State University has paid a heavy price (millions of dollars and lost football scholarships, not to mention damage to its reputation) for allegedly sweeping under the rug scandalous conduct of convicted sex offender and former assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky. However, while Penn State’s football team appears to have weathered the storm, the…

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Barring a Miracle Court Injunction Next Week, the New D.O.L. Regulations on Exemptions from Overtime Pay Go Into Effect in Just Two Weeks – Thursday, December 1, 2016!

By James B. Sherman / November 17, 2016

As of December 1st most employees whose annualized salaries are less than $47,476, will be entitled to overtime pay even though their job duties would otherwise qualify for an exemption as executive, administrative or professional. A federal court in Texas is expected to rule next Tuesday in a lawsuit brought by employer groups seeking to…

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Legislative Update: Some Non-Compete Agreements Unenforceable Under New Illinois Law

By Anthony J. Caruso Jr. / November 14, 2016

New Law Affects Non-Compete Agreements for Employees earning less than $13 per hour Today, many employers use non-compete agreements to protect their company’s business. As such, the issue is always whether or not a non-compete agreement is enforceable for the Company. Now, in Illinois, there is a clear directive as to certain employees that the…

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Dealing with Post-Election Conflict in the Workplace

By Alan E. Seneczko / November 11, 2016

As we all know, events occurring outside the workplace usually find their way into the workplace – but generally with little disruption or impact. It is therefore not surprising that the results of the recent election and the divisiveness that it has produced have spilled into the workplace – only this time with disruptive and…

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Government Business Costs

By Walter J. Liszka / November 11, 2016

Over the last number of years, businesses have been hammered by various Government entities (Local, County, State, and Federal) with regard to establishing new policies or procedures that increase the cost of business operation. There is no doubt that the implementation of Obamacare, Tax Increases, increased Medicare/Medicaid contributions, and Executive Orders over the past four…

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The Holidays Are Upon Us

By Walter J. Liszka / October 31, 2016

It is never too early to begin planning for the Holiday Season of Calendar 2016 and the inevitable business Holiday Party. There is no doubt whatsoever that the festive season of November and December calls out every year for a business celebration and it is incumbent upon all Employers to be well prepared both for…

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State of Labor Unions in America

By Wessels Sherman / October 31, 2016

ARE UNIONS DEAD? In the private sector, if they are not dead, they are in a near death condition. Latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show that private sector unions now represent LESS THAN 8% of workers. A number of profound changes have occurred that have contributed to the death spiral for private…

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Why It Is So Important To Train All Managers And Supervisors To Identify Harassment

By Nancy E. Joerg / October 27, 2016

To protect the Company from becoming a defendant in a devastating lawsuit, all managers and supervisors must be carefully and periodically trained to recognize workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. COURTS LOOK TO SEE WHAT EMPLOYER DID TO HANDLE ALLEGED HARASSMENT: Without the proper and extensive training of managers and supervisors, an employee’s harassment complaint may…

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Best Practices Employers Can Use in Advance of Election Day, to Satisfy Minnesota’s Time Off Work to Vote Statute While Also Minimizing Disruptions to Their Operations

By James B. Sherman / October 26, 2016

Election Day is fast approaching – Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Like most states, Minnesota has a law that protects employees’ rights to be absent from work for a sufficient amount of time to be able to vote. Under the Minnesota law, employees have the right to “be absent from work for the time necessary to…

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