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Wessels Sherman Unlimited Phone Consultation Program

Wessels Sherman was founded by me in 1985. Simultaneously with the founding of the firm, the Phone Program came in on day one. We have hundreds of phone clients; some have been in it for 38 years. The Phone Program started at $50 a month. There has been only one increase, to $75 per month. That’s pretty good for 38 years. There is no contract to sign. You can leave at any time. Our phone clients are big and small companies. Some use it for a second opinion, and others pretty much like an HR department. You can call as often as you like, we encourage that. The most frequent issues are:

  • Discipline and discharge
  • Interpretation of new laws
  • Wage/hour issues
  • Benefits questions
  • Dealing with the problem employee
  • Workers comp
  • Workplace harassment
  • OSHA
  • Handbook and policy questions
  • Dealing with claims of discrimination
  • Union contract interpretation
  • Staying union free questions

Sometimes we have to say that this is pretty complicated and beyond the phone program. We will now have to review documents and probably have a strategy meeting. But, before anything becomes billable, we will let you know if something is beyond the scope of coverage, and you will have to approve it. Give it a try. You’ll like it. If you want to talk about the phone program, give us a call

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