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Construction Industry Labor Law

Construction industry labor law is very different from regular labor law. The labor agreements are different, and there is often no negotiating by employers who are stuck with an area-wide, multi-employer contract. The organizing process is typically different. Usually there are not NLRB elections and unions will attempt to organize by putting pressure on the employer at job sites. This usually takes the form of picketing, inflatable rats, and banners, and sometimes more aggressive tactics.  

Construction industry employers can extricate themselves from these types of contracts, but special expertise is needed to accomplish this. Very few attorneys have the knowledge and experience to do this properly. Wessels Sherman has attorneys who can help construction industry employers in tricky situations with unions. Mr. Wessels has several information packets that he uses in meetings with clients that he would be happy to share with employers. Below are some of the informative packets he uses.

  • Multi-Employer Pension Liability
  • Union Trust Fund Audits
  • Dealing with Construction Industry Picketing
  • Double-Breasting
  • Why Construction Industry Labor Law is so Different
  • Ousting a Construction Industry Union
  • Prevailing Wage Laws

Contact him for more information and he will email it to you, naturally on a complementary basis.

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