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Model Communication to Labor Unions Regarding Covid-19

For Employers who have union contrcts – below is a good model communication that has been quite helpful for our clients. You may want to consider using it as a model.

To say the least, we are going through difficult times. The Covid-19 pandemic and declaration of national emergency is unprecedented in the recent history of our country. Businesses, including ours, have not been spared. Our employees and your members are having their lives changed dramatically. We are trying to work through this, but the landscape seems to change every day. Perhaps one word best sums up the situation – unpredictable. All of us would like to have predictability and certainty, but that is not possible given the current state of affairs. We will try our best to give you good communication as events unfold, but things are changing quickly as we move deeper into this problem. Together we will get through this. Good communication is important and your primary contact with us will be:


Again, we will work hard to give you a heads up as we are confronted with the inevitable changes that will be necessary to meet the challenges ahead. Thanks.

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