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Dick Wessels’ Client Visits and Restaurant Tips

Client visits: You may have heard that our firm’s founder, Dick Wessels, since 1985 has had a practice of paying a short visit to clients and friends of Wessels Sherman. His deep conviction is that it is important to actually visit the place of business to get a feel of what they are all about. Dick has never wavered in this belief. He knows how busy managers are so he never stays longer than 10 minutes. Dick regularly says he will leave mid-sentence if it goes into the 11th minute.

If you are up for a 10 minute visit from Dick, send me a message at, and I will arrange it.

Restaurant tips: Because of his years of such Chicago area travels, Dick has a list of his top quick places for lunch. The list is skewed to the western suburbs because his principal office is in St. Charles. The list is entitled RHW’s All-Star List of Truly Local Lunch Establishments in the Western Suburbs. (Focus is on a good quick lunch at a venue that has character/history). It has pictures and his personal commentary. If you would like a copy of his list, e-mail me at

Dick hopes you will enjoy his list, and he hopes to pay you a ten minute visit soon!

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