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Illinois Residents Ordered to Shelter in Place due to COVID-19

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has issued Executive Order 2020-10 which directs Illinois residents to remain in their homes except for essential activites (such as grocery shopping and going to medical appointments), essential government functions or to operate essential businesses and operations from March 21 through April 7, 2020. Non-essential businesses must cease all activities within the state.

The Executive Order is very detailed and it is by far best to read the actual document. Attempts to summarize it can sometimes be misleading because one must look at the entire document. Here is a link to the Executive Order.

Most of our clients are concerned about the listing of essential businesses that may remain open. This is just a summary and below is the listing of essential businesses.

Essential businesses include:

  • Stores that sell groceries or medicine
  • Food, beverage, and cannabis production and agriculture
  • Organizations that provide charitable and social services
  • Media
  • Gas stations and businesses needed for transportation
  • Financial institutions
  • Hardware and supply stores
  • Critical trades
  • Mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery, and pick-up services
  • Educational institutions
  • Laundry services
  • Restaurants for consumption off-premises
  • Supplies to work from home
  • Supplies for essential businesses and operations
  • Transportation
  • Home-based care and services
  • Residential facilities and shelters
  • Professional services
  • Day care centers for employees exempted by Executive Order
  • Manufacture, distribution and supply chain for critical products and industries
  • Critical labor union functions
  • Hotels and motels
  • Funeral services

Again, the listing of essential businesses is only a part of the Executive Order so you would be wise to read the entire order.  For example, there is extensive language about essential government functions. Because reading the entire Executive Order is so important, you can call our office and we will email you a copy. If you are making important decisions, this is the best route to go becuase, as we said, the Order is detailed and you must read it in its entirety. 

Wessels Sherman is considered an essential business and our attorneys are available to answer your questions. Please contact our St. Charles, Illinois office at (630) 377-1554.

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