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What Non-Union Private Sector Employers Need to Do

For the last several years, my advice to union-free clients has been consistent. Even in the face of quickie NLRB elections, employers have the upper hand. Unions in the private sector today are a pale shadow of what they once were. Labor unions can be kept out of your organization with only modest preventative measures. Most of you have a copy of and use my 25 point “ABCs of Staying Union Free”. I further distilled these recommendations down to my “Top Ten Tips for Staying Union Free” and they form the basis for a seminar presentation earlier this year. Here they are:

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1. Someone in your organization understands and is responsible for Wessels Sherman’s ABC’s of Staying Union Free;

2. Your front-line supervisors are trained on the issue of union organizing and they are not afraid of it;

3. You have a simple one-page union-free action plan.

I hope this series has been enlightening for you. As always, if you want to discuss remaining union free or any related subjects, contact me at or (630) 377-1554.

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