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Salaries of Union Leaders

Salaries of Union Leaders

Research by Dick Wessels and Legal Assistant Lisa Narug

Tag days are unnecessary for union leaders today. Here is a smattering of union leader salaries from around the Midwest. We include also some salaries for heads of international unions.

Union Official and Title


Total Disbursements (Salary + Allowances)

Terence O'Sullivan, General President

Laborers National Headquarters


Patrick Flynn, Secretary-Treasurer (Out of office now - local is under trusteeship)

Teamsters Local 710, Mokena, IL


Newton B Jones, President

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers


Joseph Senese, Executive Director

National Production Workers Union Ind National Headquarters


Michael Sweeney, President

Teamsters Local 710, Mokena, IL


James Hoffa, President

International Brotherhood of Teamsters


Frank Libby, President/Exec Secy Treas

Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters


Steven Cisco, Rec Corres Secretary

Operating Engineers Local 150, Countryside, IL


Jeffrey Isaacson, 1 st Vice-President

Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters


James Buchanan, Business Manager

Plumbers Local 597, Chicago, IL


John Coli, Secretary-Treasurer

Teamsters Local 727, Park Ridge, IL and Teamsters Joint Council 25, Chicago IL


James Sweeney, President-Business Manager

Operating Engineers Local 150, Countryside, IL


Terrence Hancock, President

Teamsters Local 731, Burr Ridge, IL


Charles Anderson, Secretary-Treasurer

Painters District Council 30, Aurora, IL


Rocco Terranova, President/Bus Mgr

Sheet Metal Workers Local 73, Hillside, IL


Thomas Balanoff, President

SEIU Local 1, Chicago, IL


Ronald Powell, President

UFCW Local 881, Rosemont, IL


Terrence Fitzmaurice, Secretary-Treasurer

Painters District Council 14, Chicago, IL


James Coyne, Business Manager

Plumbers Local 130, Chicago, IL


Karen Lewis, President

Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago, IL


Leo Carroll, Recording Secretary

Teamsters Local 916, Springfield, IL


R. Magler, Business Manager

Plumbers Local 455, St. Paul, MN


Robert Pierson, Business Manager

IBEW Local 9, Hillside, IL


Kenneth Boyd, President

UFCW 1546, Chicago, IL


Terry Allen, Bus Mgr/Fin Sec

IBEW Local 134, Chicago, IL


Samuel Cicinelli, Business Representative

Auto Mechanics Local 701


Mark Spano, President

Central States Joint Board


Donnie Von Moore, President

(Now voted out of office)

Teamsters Local 743, Chicago, IL


Juan Campos, Secretary-Treasurer

Teamsters Local 705, Chicago, IL


Shawn Daly, Business Representative

IBEW Local 160, Minneapolis, MN


Paul Wright, President/Business Mgr/Fin Sec

IBEW Local 21, Downers Grove, IL


Charles Hughart, Financial Secretary

IBEW Local 702, West Frankfort, IL


Thomas McTavish, Business Mgr/Fin Sec

IBEW Local 117, Crystal Lake, IL


Thomas Flynn, President

Teamsters Local 179, Joliet, IL


Armando Arreola, Business Representative

Auto Mechanics Local 701


Terry Nelson, Business Mgr/Sec Treas

Painters District Council 82, Little Canada, MN


Scott Deitz, Business Manager

Plumbers Local 101, Belleville, IL


Rick Eilers, Business Manager

Plumbers Local 15, Minneapolis, MN


Kevin Lamere, Business Manager

Plumbers Local 601, Milwaukee, WI


Michael Haffner, Secretary-Treasurer

Teamsters Local 301, Waukegan, IL


Dominic Romanazzi, President

Teamsters Local 330, Elgin, IL


Martin Lawrence, Secretary-Treasurer

Teamsters Local 638, Minneapolis, MN


Richard Oakes, Business Mgr/Fin Sec

IBEW Local 949, Burnsville, MN


Paul Hawkins, President/Bus Agent

Teamsters Local 673, West Chicago, IL


David Reardon, Sec/Treas/Business Agent

Teamsters Local 662, Mosinee, WI


Paul Stripling, President

Teamsters Local 781, Elmhurst, IL


Thomas McCune, Business Manager

Plumbers Local 25, Rock Island, IL


Steven Brietlow, Fin Sec/Business Manager

Plumbers Local 75, Milwaukee, WI


Gene Gowey, Recording Secretary

Teamsters Local 695, Madison, WI


Joe Jazdzewski, BMST

Painters District Council 7, Big Bend, WI


Dale Magruder, Business Manager

IBEW Local 176, Joliet, IL


John Kripotos, Business Representative

IBEW Local 292, Minneapolis, MN


Jamie McNamara, Business Mgr/Fin Sec

IBEW Local 110, St. Paul, MN


Bryan Rademacher, Business Agent

Teamsters Local 120, Blaine, MN


Michael Brookes, Business Manager/Fin Secr

IBEW Local 55, Des Moines, IA


Patrick Tapa, Secretary/Treasurer

Teamsters Local 344, West Allis, WI


Jeffrey Knaus,Fin Secretary/Bus Mgr

Plumbers Local 400, Kaukauna, WI


Thomas Tweet, Secretary-Treasurer

Teamsters Local 974, Minneapolis, MN


Patrick Radzak, Secretary-Treasurer

Teamsters Local 346, Duluth, MN


Gary Menzel, President/Bus Mgr

Roofers Local 11, Westchester, IL


Robert Miller, Secretary Treasurer

GCIU District Council 4, Carol Stream, IL


Michael Toner, Business Manager

Plumbers Local 553, East Alton, IL


Andrew Roberts, Business Mgr/Fin Sec

Plumbers Local 33, Des Moines, IA


Peter Jaworski, Business Manager

Roofers Local 96, Blaines, MN


Ildefonzo Lozano, Vice President/Field Rep

Laborers Local Union 152, Highland Park, IL


These are good jobs! It is hardly surprising that unions are a hotbed of political activity geared toward perpetuating the power and position of these union leaders.