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2011Can An Employer Ask An Employee To “Give Up” Overtime Pay? (NEJ)
2009Do Illinois Employers Have to Give Notice to Employees When They Fire Them? (NEJ)
2009Emergency Unemployment Insurance Issues for Illinois Employers (NEJ)
2009Employee Handbooks: Delete Unnecessary Promises! (NEJ)
2011Employers are Confused! How Can My Employees Both Work and Collect Unemployment Insurance Benefits from IDES?! (NEJ)
2011Employers Must Be More Careful Than Ever With Criminal Background Checks! (NEJ)
2009How Employers Can Avoid Overtime Problems and Other Wage and Hour Concerns (NEJ)
—-How to Conduct a Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Internal Investigation (KEEP)
—-HR audits: An Ounce of Prevention (KEEP)
2011E-ALERT: Surprise! Illinois Employers May Give Out Bad References About Former Employees! (NEJ)
2011Illinois Employers May Benefit from Adopting a Relationship Policy (NEJ)
2010Is WS Endorsed On Your Epli Or D/O Insurance Policy? (KEEP)
—-Letters from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) (NEJ)
2011NEW Illinois Supreme Court Decision on Enforceability of Non-Compete Agreements: Good News for Employers! (NEJ)
2010School’s Out Soon — Read This Before Hiring Teen Workers (NEJ)
—-The Importance of the Human Resources Audit (KEEP)
2010The Question of Mandatory Direct Deposit (NEJ)
2010Why Can’t I Take Money From A Careless Employee’s Paycheck in Illinois?! (NEJ)
2011Connecticut Becomes First State in the U.S. To Enact Paid Sick Leave! (NEJ)
2010Evaluating and Comparing Minimum Wage Laws (NEJ)
2010As work force changes, many misclassified workers miss out on benefits (NEJ)
—-Effective Independent Contractor Agreements (NEJ)
2010Employer Alert: Keep Track of 30 Working Days for Illinois Unemployment Insurance Purposes (NEJ)
2011Employers Wonder: How Can My Independent Contractor File For Unemployment Insurance Benefits? (NEJ)
—-Evaluating your Independent Contractor Agreement Under the Illinois Employee Classification Act (NEJ)
2011Government Agencies are Going After Employers Who Wrongly Misclassify Employees as Independent Contractors (NEJ)
2011Great news for Companies Who Use Independent Contractor Massage Therapists! (NEJ)
—-Handling IDES Audits: Section 212(A), (B) and (C) (NEJ)
2011How Does A Company Properly Terminate Independent Contractors? (NEJ)
2009IDES and IRS Audits: Why Does the Company Need to Prove Independent Contractor Status (NEJ)
—-IDES Audits for Independent Contractor Truck Drivers (NEJ)
—-IDES Audits of Independent Contractor Truck Owner/Operators under Section 212.1 (NEJ)
2009IDES Audits: Don’t Handle an Illinois Department of Economic Security Audit Without Careful Planning! (NEJ)
2010IDES Audits: Five Questions Companies Commonly Ask (NEJ)
2010IDES Audits: If You Use Independent Contractors, Be Sure You Know All of the Powerful IDES Exemptions (NEJ)
2009IDES Audits: How Employers Should Fill Out The Audit Questionnaire (NEJ)
2011IDES Audits: Why Are Auditors Using Questionnaires for an IDES Audit? (NEJ)
—-ILLINOIS EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATION ACT: The Rules Have Been Finalized and Adopted (NEJ)
2009Illinois Employers: Be Aware of Dangerous and Misleading New IDES Policy Concerning IDES Audits! (NEJ)
2008Illinois Employment Classification Act 1/1/2008 (NEJ)
—-Illinois Prevailing Wage Work Could Lead to Illinois Employee Classification Act Audits (NEJ)
2011Independent Contractor or Employee Status? New IRS Audits Turn Up Heat on Misclassification (NEJ)
2010IRS Plans Increased Independent Contractor Crackdown! (NEJ)
2010IRS Targets Companies Using Independent Contractors (NEJ)
2009Ownership of the Truck is Extremely Important for Independent Contractor/Owner Operators in Illinois (NEJ)
—-Protect Independent Contractor Status When You Fill Out the Paperwork for IDES Audits (NEJ)
2011Recent Decisions on Independent Contractor Status In Trucking as Viewed by the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) Under Section 212.1 of the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act (NEJ)
—-Section 212.1 and Payment of Workers’ Compensation Premiums (NEJ)
2011Should Your Company Take Advantage of the New IRS Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program? Look Before You Leap! (NEJ)
—-Six Questions and Answers Under the Illinois Employee Classification Act (NEJ)
—-Strict Posting and Record Keeping Requirements Under the Illinois Employee Classification Act (NEJ)
—-The Illinois Independent Contractor Law: The Illinois Employee Classification Act- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (NEJ)
2009The Proper Use of Independent Contractors (NEJ)
2009Warning to Illinois Companies About Employee Classification Act: New Danger! (NEJ)
—-What are the “Penalties” Under the Illinois Employee Classification Act (NEJ)
—-What is “Construction” Under the Illinois Employee Classification Act (NEJ)
2011Which Illinois Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate Do I Use, The Employee Leasing Company’s or the Client Company’s? (NEJ, CAS)
—-Yes, the Illinois Employee Classification Act Complaints are Starting to Roll In (NEJ)
2011Seventh Circuit Backs Walmart Firing of Anti-Gay Religious Employee (NEJ)
2011Ten Tips for Employers Who Face Going to an Illinois Department of Human Rights Fact Finding Conference (NEJ)
2010Employer Alert: Keep Track of 30 Working Days for Illinois Unemployment Insurance Purposes (NEJ)
2011U.S. District Court Upholds OSHA Subpoena In Grain Engulfment Case (NEJ)

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