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Client Alert Newsletter Articles (June 2015)

Illinois Client Update Articles

  1. Script for Termination Meeting Where There is Severance Pay and a Release
  2. Warning for Companies Regarding IRS Form SS-8 Request Letters!
  3. The Spouses of your H-1B Employees May be Eligible for Employment Authorization

Minnesota Client Alert Articles

  1. Reminder: Minimum Wage Increase Effective August 1st for Minnesota Employers
  2. EEOC Hits Minnesota Employer with Lawsuit over Restroom Access for Transgender Employee
  3. Minnesota Medical Marijuana Registration Begins. Employers Will Soon Face Issues on Medical Marijuana's Effects on Existing Employment Laws
  4. Legalized Marijuana, Use of Lawful Products Protections and Employee Discipline: What a Colorado Supreme Court Decision Means for Minnesota Employers
  5. DOL Investing Tax Monies to Make the Case for Paid Leave Programs

Wisconsin Client Alert Articles

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