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Class Actions

Class action lawsuits are becoming increasingly common against employers throughout the country. They are exceedingly complicated and expensive, and an adverse verdict can even jeopardize your business. If you are facing a class action suit by your employees, it is imperative that you have legal representation that is experienced and knowledgeable in both employment law and class action litigation.

The attorneys at Wessels Sherman Joerg Liszka Laverty Seneczko P.C. have the skills and experience to defend your business from costly class action lawsuits. Our firm defends clients from all types of class actions in state and federal court, especially matters involving:

  • Wage and hour and alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, including claims for unpaid overtime and hours of work;
  • Claims for adverse impact;
  • Employee misclassification and independent contrator status.

Our attorneys also provide guidance to businesses and business owners regarding class action avoidance. As skilled trial attorneys and negotiators, we will work to defend your business from any legal claims and explore every option to ensure your business success.

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