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USCIS Releases New, Revised Form I-9

March 2013

By: Ryan M. Helgeson, Esq.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced on March 7, 2013, and made available on March 8, 2013 the official, revised Form I-9. The form is available on the USCIS website soon (

Employers should begin using this new form immediately

Employers should use the new Form I-9 for all new hires going forward. Employees with a proper I-9 on file do not need to be re-verified. The new, revised Form I-9 contains a revision date of "(Rev. 03/08/13)N." Employers who fail to use this new form after a 60-day grace period (ending May 7, 2013) may be subject to penalties imposed under the Immigration and Naturalization Act. These provisions, as usual, are enforced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Notable Revisions to Form I-9

USCIS finalized the new form with the following notable changes:

  • New data fields for an employee's foreign passport information, telephone number, and email address;
  • Clarifying and expanding the form's instructions; and
  • Revising the layout of the form and expanding it from one to two pages (excluding the instructions and list of acceptable documents).

The List of Acceptable Documents remains the same, as do all other relevant regulations covering completion of Form I-9.

The new Form I-9 alleviates some of the problems caused by formatting and the expanded instructions are a marked improvement over past versions. Overall, the changes are welcome.

If you have any questions regarding the New Form I-9, I-9 compliance or any other employment immigration issues, please contact Attorney Ryan M. Helgeson at (630) 377-1554 or via email at [email protected].