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OCAHO Reduces Fine for Employer's I-9 Violations

August 2012

By: Ryan M. Helgeson, Esq.

In June 2012, the Office of Chief Administrative Hearing Officer ("OCAHO"), which hears cases regarding alleged employer violations of I-9 compliance and fraud, reduced the fine imposed on an employer by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement ("ICE"). The employer failed to ensure that 18 of its employees properly completed Section I of Form I-9 and/or failed to properly complete Sections 2 or 3 of the Form for the employees.

ICE originally sought a total of $12,523.50 for the 18 violations. While OCAHO found the employer liable for all violations, it ultimately reduced the fine to $9,600 based upon ICE's incorrect use of fine enhancements.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

The lesson from this case is not that an employer has the ability to get its fines reduced through administrative procedures. Rather, the lesson is...poor I-9 compliance cost this small company $9,600, plus the attorneys' fees involved in a two-year process, to obtain less than $3,000 in reduced fines.

A proactive plan by the employer in this case could have saved it money and, just as valuably, time. A well-drafted I-9 compliance plan, Form I-9 training for the responsible parties, and annual internal I-9 audits are all cost- and time-effective ways to maximize compliance and minimize fines in the event of an ICE audit.

If you have questions regarding I-9 audits, Form I-9 training, I-9 compliance or any other employment immigration question [such as employment visas (including H-1B and L-1), labor certification and greencard applications for your employees], please contact Attorney Ryan Helgeson at 630.377.1554 or at [email protected].

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