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December 2013: Ask Your Labor Lawyer!

December 2013

By: Richard H. Wessels, Esq.

Client Question: How does a union try to take over a company?

Dick Wessels' Answer: There is no easy answer here. My experience has been that seldom does a union organizing effort start with outside agitation. Usually something has happened within a company that creates uneasiness which then morphs into a full-blown union organizing campaign. Frequently this uneasiness has been caused by change which was not communicated well.

I have a good packet of information entitled "ABCs of Staying Union Free." If anyone would like this, I would be glad to e-mail it to you at no cost. Just make the request via e-mail to me at [email protected]

Readers are invited to submit their labor law questions for possible use in this column. Just email your questions to Dick Wessels at [email protected]. Your identity (and your company's identity) will not be revealed if your question is selected by Dick Wessels for this column.

"Ask Your Labor Lawyer" is our new monthly column written by Dick Wessels who is Founder and Senior Shareholder of Wessels Sherman Joerg Liszka Laverty Seneczko P.C. He is a nationally recognized labor attorney and has been honored as an Illinois Super Lawyer. Dick handles a wide variety of labor and employment law cases. His primary focus is dealing with labor unions, either on behalf of union-free companies or where unions already have representation rights. Dick has handled cases involving nearly all international unions for companies throughout the United States.